Capacity Building

  1. Capacity Building Grants
  2. Digital Libraries
  3. Digital Libraries
  4. Nanotechnology Center, Cairo University
  5. Reintegration
  6. Research Support
  7. Short Term Fellowship
  8. Support of Scientific Events
  9. Young Researchers

Development & Innovation

  1. Technology Development
  2. Innovation Grants
  3. Faculty For Factory (3F)
  4. Demand Driven Projects
  5. Research Centers Networks
  6. Joint Fund with Industry (IMC)

Centers of Scientific Excellence

This is a targeted capacity building grant based on existing capabilities and competences, to establish centers of scientific excellence that serve the development priority areas of Egypt, promoting top-level research, and improving the research quality in Egypt.

National Challenge Program

Challenge is a new STDF innovation competition foresees innovation-based capabilities around specific technology challenge to fulfill immediate and specific requirements of country needs and frontiers technologies. Challenge focuses on short term projects (1-3 years) run by small purpose-built teams. The listed challenges are determined based on real existing industrial and societal needs. Submitted solutions /proposals preferred to be implemented on semi industrial/industrial scale.

International Cooperation

  1. EGYPT – FRANCE Cooperation
  2. EGYPT – GERMANY Cooperation
  3. EGYPT – JAPAN Cooperation
  4. EGYPT – Russia Cooperation
  5. EGYPT – South Korea Cooperation
  6. EGYPT – United States Cooperation
  7. AFRICA – EUROPE Cooperation (ERAfrica Call)

Technology Incubators Program

The new STDF Incubation Program is a mechanism for commercialization of Research and Development (R&D) results. It is an integrated support program designed to assist entrepreneurs in the development of new technology-based firms, both start-ups and fledglings. It seeks to effectively link talent, technology, capital and know-how to leverage entrepreneurial talent in order to accelerate development of new companies and speedy commercialization of R&D and innovation. It also helps in value reorientation by creating an environment for changing the attitude towards personal initiative and creativity.

Targeted Calls

  1. Aquaculture and Fisheries
  2. Development of Sinai
  3. Health (HCV)
  4. Pharmaceutical Industries
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Sustainable Food Production
  7. Water Desalination